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FRIEND project - MED group UNESCO IHP-VII (2008-13)

4th International Workshop on Hydrological Extremes

From prediction to prevention of hydrological risk in Mediterranean countries

University of Calabria, 15-17 September 2011 - Aula Magna - Press room

The communications done during this workshop were published in the document :


Session A

Modelling and forecast of hydrological extreme events

Mahé G. (France). MEDFRIEND program, past events and perspectives (.pdf, 4.2 Mo)


Bargaoui Z. (Tunisia). Geostatistical tools for analyzing spatial extreme rainfall patterns over Tunis City. (.pdf 736 Ko)

Caracciolo D., Arnone E., Noto L.V. (Italy). Influence of raingauge network characteristics on hydrological response at catchment scale. (.ppt, 4.2 Mo)

Bodini A., Gariano S.L., Terranova O. (Italy). Regional analysis of sub-hourly rainfalls in Calabria by means of the Partial Duration Series approach. (.pdf, 2.8 Mo)

Tramblay Y., Neppel L., Servat E., El Adlouni S., Badi W., Driouech F. (France, Morocco). Climate change effects on extreme precipitation in Morocco. (.ppt, 2 Mo)

Benhattab K., Bouvier C., Meddi M. (Algeria, France). Regional analysis for the estimation of low-frequency daily rainfalls in Cheliff catchment, Algeria. (.ppt, 4.6 Mo)

Viola F., Arnone E., Noto L.V. (Italy). Investigating the changes in extreme rainfall in Sicily. (.pdf, 4.8 Mo)

FLOODS (Chairman: Zobeida BARGAOUI)

Touaibia I., Touaibia B., Salah B., Yahiaoui A. (Algeria). Risk of floods and its impact on the drainage system in urban areas in the heart of the Mitidja. (.pps, 18.5 Mo)

Bouvier C., Szczypta C., Abaza M., Marchandise A. (France). Parameter regionalisation of a distributed SCS rainfall runoff model: first results. (pdf, 4.8 Mo)

Grossi G., Caronna P. (Italy). Sediment yield in a small mountain basin during extreme events. (.pdf, 4.6 Mo)

Megnounif A., Ghnim A.N. (Algeria). Influence of the timing of flood events on sediment yield in the north-western Algeria. (.pdf, 1.5 Mo)

Hebal A., Remini B. (Algeria). Choix de la loi théorique la mieux adaptée a la prédétermination des crues (Cas de l'Est Algérien). (.pps, 1 Mo)

Boukhelifa M. (Algeria). Uncertainties mitigation in the estimation of urban stormwater discharge by an approach based on partial duration series (PDS). (.pdf, 5 Mo)

DROUGHTS (Chairman: Giuseppe T. ARONICA)

Ghenim A.N., Megnounif A. (Algeria). Hydrologie et transfert des sediments en suspension lors d'événements exceptionnels: application au bassin versant de l'Oued Mouilah (Nord Ouest de l'Algérie). (.pdf, 2.6 Mo)

Rossi G., Caporali E. (Italy). ). Estimation of low-flow statistics for drought identification through regional physiographic relationships. (.pdf, 6.2 Mo)

Taibi S. (Algeria). Regionalization of drought in Northern Algeria using the standardized precipitation index (SPI) (1936-2010). (.pdf, 9.3 Mo)

Dakova S. (Bulgaria). Handling the hydrological drought knowledge to advance the WFD (2000/60 EC) and the DMP implementation in Bulgaria. (.pdf, 2.2 Mo)

Ghenim A.N., Megnounif A. (Algeria). ). Drought severity in North West of Algeria. (.pdf, 2 Mo)

Mendicino G., Senatore A. (Italy). Integrating satellite and ground-based meteorological data for spatially distributed evapotranspiration assessment. (.pdf, 2.2 Mo)

Session B

Damaging hydrological events in Mediterranean area

CASE STUDIES (Chairman: Snejana DAKOVA)

Petrucci O., Polemio M., Pasqua A.A. (Italy). Damaging hydrogeological events in Calabria (Italy). (.pdf, 8.6 Mo)

Aronica G., Brigandì, G., Morey N. (Italy). Flash floods and debris flow in the city area of Messina, North-East part of Sicily, Italy in October 2009: the case of the Giampilieri catchment. (.pdf, 10.5 Mo)

De Luca D.L., Ferrari E., P. Versace (Italy). Analysis of rainfalls cumulated over prolonged periods in Calabria (Italy). (.pdf, 25.5 Mo)

Khomsi K., Mah G., Sinan M., Snoussi M. (Morocco). Characterization of weather type in Morocco for extreme situations of temperature. (.pdf, 1.9 Mo)


(Chairman: Gil MAHÉ)

Vafiadis M. (Greece). Climate change direct and induced effects on the hydrological extremes and their consequences. (.pdf, 185 Ko)

Yahiaoui A., Touaibia B. (Algeria). Using decision support system technique for hydrological risk assessment. Case of oued Mekerra in the western of Algeria. (.pps, 2.4 Mo)

Grossi G., Balistrocchi M. (Italy). Hydrological model efficiency for flood forecasting and simulation. (.pdf; 8.5 Mo)

Ceppi A., Ravazzani G., Salandin A., Rabuffetti D., Mancini M. (Italy). Assessing uncertainty of real-time hydro-meteorological forecasts based on ensemble prediction system. (.pdf, 22 Mo)

Taibi A., Boukhelifa M. (Algeria). Is the reinforcement of Algiers stormwater drainage network sufficient enough to protect the city against extreme rainfall events ? (.pdf, 3.5 Mo)

POSTERS on "Extreme events" topic

Caloiero T., Coscarelli R., Ferrari E. (Italy). Large scale seasonal rainfall analysis in Mediterranean basin.

Ferrari E. (Italy). The MED-FRIEND project. Past activities of "Extreme events" topic.